Endless Suffering




self released cassette


released November 1, 2012

alex mussawir
catherine elicson
aaron miller



all rights reserved


GONERS Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Nevermind
i've never been proud of anything i've ever done. i'm always uncertain, but aren't we all a little like that? i'm still seventeen and strung out on everything. i'm bored, i'm self assured. i'm getting drunk in my room.

is this what you wanted? is this what you wanted to be?

i can't explain why i feel so strange.
Track Name: Deep End
i don't doubt that you are real, but i wonder how i'm getting out this time. even when we know better we still fuck things up most of the time. we're building this wall together, seemed liked a good idea in my mind. i'm losing my sense of self in knowing that you even exist and people never turn out the way we know them. i promise i'm trying so hard to just be your best friend.

i'm never ever trying anything like that again.

i was in the deep end, you were dipping your feet in, and everything was like water falling through us.
Track Name: I've Had It
i don't look up to anyone. does anyone look up to me? i hope not. i can't count on anyone. can anybody count on me? i doubt it. i'm afraid of everything that i can't understand. forget about it. i don't understand anything and i can't understand myself sometimes.
Track Name: Endless Suffering
endless suffering, you've got some time to kill, you've got nothing to lose. won't you hold my hand? i want to settle down. i want to fall in love. i'm sitting in the back of your car and i don't want to be here.
Track Name: Ghost Bruise
i don't want to name you. i don't want to get attached but if my bug bites dissolve back into flesh maybe i will let you touch my skin. my body is a valley and you're sliding down to meet me and if my bangs grow long enough to cover my eyes you can use them to climb out any time. i learn so much every day, what do i do with it all? i couldn't say. i learn so much every day but it just adds more weight, yeah that's all. it's all fighting to come out, i feel it pushing at my throat. how come all i can ever say is 'this weather is so bad for my skin’? i wish i could wrap myself around it.